The Arty Works

New Beginning

Since it is our new beginning, I thought to introduce myself.

I am Geetika Singh Bhargava, the brainchild behind a creative venture (@theartyworks), a fashion designer by profession, an illustrator, thinker, and inspirer.


Each one of us has a story to talk about…well here is mine!

Since childhood, I was fascinated by seeing beautiful sceneries and pics in magazines, newspapers.

Seeing them always used to give me that kick- if it’s a place, how beautiful that place could be in real, or if a painting how beautiful mankind could express through colors and beyond, or recipes, that how could they think of such mix of ingredients…felt like going inside the picture and thinking what approach or thought people must

be having while in the process of making those things happening. I used to place myself in their shoes and think for long, how could they do it….how did it happen. What were they thinking while making it…how did the idea strike…and felt Wow, they did it…and kept looking at it for hours and ended up cutting it and making an own scrapbook

of mine which only has beautiful things.

Whenever I used to have a glimpse of the scrapbook, I used to feel happy about each and every picture or page expressing or saying something about themselves.

In my mind, I created stories for every picture…looking at the ceiling at night and making up stories around so many thoughts and that’s how adolescence happened and my fondness towards creativity-innovation, art- craft or fashion grew and so I was ‘inspired’.

I love the word “Inspire”, I would like to inspire people and get inspired, to keep exploring new things about life and about themselves and experience this beautiful journey called life. Life has made me realize my love for everything creative and related to art which is why I have educated myself with various art techniques.

The idea is to realize your own strength and do what you are really passionate about and keep working steadily towards your passion accepting your flaws and weaknesses.

After working in the fashion industry for 10 years, the creative bent within intrigued me to start this venture@theartyworks @geetika_s_bhargavaoffical.My scrapbook is turning into this brand as an interesting medium to share my cognizance of expressing my ideas, my creations, inspirations, my thoughts, and much more.

I hope my work inspires others to work towards their aspirations. There is nothing better than to be remembered for your work.

Love life 



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